Strong coffees and stiff drinks

“I used to travel like I used to work. Planned and organized.
I’ve changed my work, I’ve changed my style.

Now I follow my intuition. It has never let me down.

There’s no better place to start an adventure than Lisbon, the historical port of global exploration.”

“Lisbon has all the ingredients for a perfect start of the day – magic sunrise, fresh sea breeze and strong espressos.”

“The morning light is hypnotizing. I listen to the sounds of the city slowly waking up. Strolling the streets, I reflect on my life. And then I’m off to find the strongest coffee in town.”

“Everything that happens is the result of a calculated move, leading me to where I am now.”

“My work has changed the way I travel. The only thing I prepare is my travel bag. For the rest, I embrace the unexpected. I may find myself in crazy situations. They make pretty good stories.”

LX Factory

“A former industrial site turned into a vibrant area. It still has that rough industrial vibe.

The place houses creative businesses and artist studios, a couple of nice cafes and restaurants. I especially like the large graffiti-style murals.”

“The 7 km boulevard between Cais do Sodré and the Belem Tower passes under the 25 Abril Bridge. The view is stunning. Perfect for a sunset run. After that, Lisbon nightlife.”

“The soft, diffused light from the sky, is mesmerizing.”

“I hit the reset button and start fresh.”

5 Favourite Coffee Places

Bettina & Niccolo Corallo
Run by the family of coffee and chocolate producer Claudio Corallo. Excellent coffee and the best chocolate in Lisbon.

Officially a pastry shop, known for their pastel de nata – Portugal’s national pastry. You have to wash these pastries down with strong espresso, so I couldn’t resist.

Fabrica Coffee Roasters
It’s impossible to ignore the intense coffee smell coming from this cool café.

Copenhagen Coffee Lab Lisboa
My sister lives in Copenhagen and tipped me this one. A must if you’re into next level coffee. Danish baristas make a strong, velvety espresso.

Hello, Kristof
A small, easygoing café with excellent coffee, nice people and a wide selection of inspiring magazines.

Best Spots In Town

Torre de Belem
The historical starting place for European exploratory travels. Adventurers sailing from this port were genuine thrill seek.

Santa Justa elevator
I don’t think I’ve ever been impressed by the sight of an elevator, but the iron beauty of Santa Justa is fascinating. This engineering wonder made daily life in the early 20th century a whole lot easier.

Alfama and neighborhoods
This is one of the oldest parts of the city. Exploring its beautiful streets means a lot of going up and down. You’ll experience what living in a ‘city that’s built on seven hills’ is all about.

Ponte 25 de Abril
This massive construction is the symbol of the Portugese Carnation Revolution in 1974. When it rises from the early morning fog, you can imagine the majestic impact this bridge must have had on the people back in 1966, when it was completed.

Miradouro da Graça
Lisbon is built on seven hills which gives way for lots
of little terraces with beautiful views. Sit down at one of the benches at Miradouro da Graça and enjoy the city from a different perspective.

Monastery of St. Jerome
Right in the historic district of Belém is this UNESCO World Heritage Site. This monastery surprised me with its amazing architecture.

“I see the world with different eyes.”

“I travel alone to push my limits.
Mentally, creatively and physically.”

“I plan less, I go slow, I try to be a true traveller if I can.
But with only 48 hours on my hands, I don’t mind being a tourist.”

“You have to make the good times yourself.”

My Favourite 3 Bars

I recommend you try them all

Alface Hall
Blues and jazz cafe. Cosy, friendly place with good music. Sit back, listen to the bands and enjoy the fine drinks.

Bar a Parodia
This is a relaxed, calm bar. An excellent place to start a good conversation and gear up for the night.

Red Frog speakeasy bar
Good company, good conversation and a good drink. It’s situated in a basement which gives it a secretive vibe. Excellent cocktail menu with a lot of original in-house-designed drinks.


Summer wardrobe staple

This season, linen is one of the key materials in our collection.

It’s cool, lightweight and breathable, making it highly comfortable for casual looks on warm days. Linen’s natural creasing qualities add a relaxed twist to the wide range of our Summer styles.

Starting with the February delivery, you’ll find it – solo and blended – in knitted polos, shirts and longsleeve T-shirts, as well as in shorts and stylish blazers.

Linen – Strong, flexible, natural

For centuries, linen was one of the most important textiles in Europe. Until the mid-20th century, the cultivation and processing of flax – the base material for linen – was a large industry ine Netherlands, Belgium and France. As transport methods and technology progressed; silk, cotton and synthetic fibres took the place of linen in people’s wardrobes and Europeanax production was scaled down fast.

A high-quality product

Flax is strong and relatively easy to grow. It withstands insects and other pests, thus requiring relatively little chemicals to manage the crops. However, processing rigid flax fibres into comfortable linen, suitable for the desires of the modern man, takes quite some effort. The natural creasing qualities and coarse structure of linen aren’t for everyone; you either love it or you don’t.

These specific characteristics make linen one of the more exclusive materials in modern fashion. At No Excess we love this special material. It is breathable and moist- absorbing, making it highly comfortable for the hottest days of Summer. By mixing it with cotton, we’ve made it also more accessible for other fashion items, while safe-guarding its exclusive qualities.

Spring/Summer 2018

No Excess continues the successful path from previous seasons. There’s a strong focus on innovative materials, details and a cleaner look. Comfort has been an important focus in all designs.

We’ve increased the offer of stretch qualities significantly this season, particularly for shirts and bottoms. Key items throughout the season are waistcoats in jacquard or printed designs. The denim range includes two new NOS washings and a couple of new seasonal styles, like the bright French blue and eye-catching destroyed and damaged finishes.
The latest addition to our NOS collection is the Ultimate Stretch Denim: a full stretch and full movement jeans. The high recovery factor of Ultimate Stretch Denim offers a long lasting, perfect fit. All year round, the tight fit 710 is available in: black, grey, dark blue and light blue.

The new Spring/Summer collection consists of three delivery programmes. We kick off in January with light, structured knits and pastel coloured sweats. A mix of old pink, burgundy and steel green is used for stretch shirts. Satin fabrics are enriched with digital prints and the oxford shirts have a luxurious silky sheen.

In February linen enters the collection. This breathable material is used for polos, blazers and shirts. The shirts arenished with small, folded or stand-up collars for a new look. Green is important and comes in different shades; from sea green to mint, occasionally enriched with a touch of gold.

The third delivery in March features cranberry and various blues. Polos and tees are available in a wide range of jacquards and soft washed piqué fabrics. T-shirts are styled with allover prints in bright colours and several stripe patterns. The choice in shorts is bigger than ever and presents cheerful colours. The offer ranges from damaged denims to slub linens and allover-stitched fabrics.

48 hours in Lisbon

“I’m captivated by its colours, history and people.
It was even better than I’d expected, I feel revived.”

To be continued…

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