NOS Denim fit & colour guide

Never-ending bestsellers for every season

Our NOS collection offers you stability and new opportunities throughout the year. No Excess NOS styles are available in tight fit 710 and slim fit 711. All in high-quality stretch fabrics, with a zipper and a medium to high waist.

711 Slim Fit

Our 711 Slim Fit is a modern cut with a stylish look. Slim in the right places, without overdoing Leaves plenty of space for movement.

711 Is a great choice for slim fit lovers, looking for a more ‘relaxed slim’. Available in Comfort Stretch and in soft tricot Jog Denim.


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NEW: highly advanced ‘Ultimate

Stretch Denim’

The latest addition to our NOS collection is the Ultimate Stretch Denim: full stretch, full movement jeans. The high recovery factor ofUltimate Stretch Denim offers a long lasting, perfect fit. All year round available in tight fit. 710 in: black, grey, dark blue and light blue.

710 Tight Fit

The 710 is our super modern tight fit jeans. It’s tight on the upper leg and calves, yet leaves a bit more room around the knees, ankles and hips.

710 Is the way to go for denim fans looking for a cool, fashionable silhouette. Available in Comfort Stretch and in full flexible Ultimate Stretch.


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Extensive range of modern
washings, including strong Classics

Our NOS collection covers the full denim
spectrum, from light to dark blue, from grey to
black. Including the unbeatable Classics: deep
black and raw dark denim.