I see the first sunrays through the waving groves as I drive along the sandy road. This is the Andalusian dream. Another trip, a new adventure. Beautiful Andalusia was high on my list for so long, feeling blessed to be here. I rented a car to explore as much as I can.

The large area in the south of Spain is to be divided into three parts: Sierra Nevada, Sierra Morena and the imposing valley of Guadalquivir. Guadalquivir – the river that crosses almost the whole south of Spain and flows into Cadiz.

At every turn I imagine myself in a new world.

This area is multiple places in one. It reminds me of so much more than I have seen on other trips, from all over the planet.

I drive through the silent desert with golden mountains of sand and robust rocks. I see the Sierra Nevada on the horizon, with the highest mountain peak called Mulhacén, 3482 kilometres high into the sky. By the look of the surrounding I can tell this area knows dry summers and soft winters as I see different shades of summer drought; orange, yellow, brown, red, and a little bit of green – an appealing palette of earthly colours.

Collection Spring/Summer 2019

The No Excess Spring / Summer 2019 collection is influenced by the retro characteristics from sports and the lively flower designs from the seventies. We kick off with the theme colours brick, orange, aqua and indigo – moving towards the summer the colours shift to pastels such as sea green and old pink. Neutrals complete the collection.

The first part of the collection is all about the sports details. Think of nylon jackets, sporty patterns and polo shirts. Sweats and joggings are completed with subtle piping. Our soft terry sweaters and vests with nylon details are sportingly finished.For the rainy pre-spring period, No Excess offers a modern coated trenchcoat and knits in new stonewashed jacquard. The spring collection presents sweats with multi-coloured collars and structured fabrics. Blazers and gilets are made matching. To complete the collection, we renewed our logo carriers and guarantee extra comfort as we use our new developed high advanced stretch materials.

The second part of the collection offers summery and ventilating fabrics, such as linen and linen blends. This reflects in our beautiful basics and ranges of shirts. The seventies flower prints create a cheerful look and feel. Also in this part we offer polo shirts in all-over printed designs and more easy going jacquards. The bottoms and shorts are distinguished by the comfortable stretch quality. Peached materials are used with small prints, dobby structures and jog pants. All items come with our renewed identity details and accessories.
The No Excess collection meets the wishes of the modern man; we offer uncomplicated and affordable men’s clothing, and above all, the ultimate comfort.

Prints & techniques

As the use of prints flourishes in the No Excess Spring / Summer 2019 collection, so do our printing techniques. We use three kinds of printing techniques for the most impressive results.

Pigment Printing – this technique uses pigment paste onto a fabric surface. Think of high quality prints in any desired pattern, colours and effects. Guaranteed washing fastness and minimum stiffening of the fabric.

Discharge Printing – this water-based print deactivates the dyes used on the natural fabric for an outcome of delicate print designs and patterns. Definitely our preferred printing technique for Indigo dyed fabrics and for printing light colours on a darker type of textile.

Digital Printing
– the ink-jet method. As far as the imagination goes: vibrant colours, fine gradations and with subtle colour tones. The big plus of this technique is the minimizing environmental burden due to very little wastage of dyes and water. The print of the future!


This years collection of shorts is notable by the use of ultimate comfortable stretch quality. We offer soft peached materials with small prints, dobby structures and jog pants. All shorts come with bright coloured belts and details. For summer we will drop big all over flower and leave prints – the swim shorts come in print and solid colours.

Good news our trademark jog denim shorts will be offered in four different colours; indigo, dark indigo, black and grey. Furthermore, our all-time favourite coloured jog short and printed jog short is present. And in terms of styling the collection delivers a well-cut chino, a cargo, a five pocket and a short sport pants.