“My heart pounded to go on a new journey. It was about time. Like always I packed light, with just a few essential items, and hit the road. All I wanted was to clear my head, use my body and make new memories. I decided to go to the Dolomites; this part of the Alps is known for the distinctive geology and the fascinating blend of culture. I couldn’t wait to start the big hike.

High up in the mountains it was even better than I expected. These fabulous vertical reefs glow in the changing light – absolutely mesmerizing.

The play of nature in contrast with the pastoral beauty beneath was startling scenic.

I went down to Lago di Braies, the most beautiful lake in the Dolomites, the turquoise water surrounded by snowy mountains stunned me. It reminded me of nature’s greatness. As I walked on traces of the past I wondered what more to come.”


The journey of denim is quite impressive – the typical indigo coloured fabric from the French city Nimes (‘Serge de Nimes’) found its way to the States. The fabric adapted to its cause of workman’s wear: the sturdy cotton as we know it. Once adopted as fashion item denim became very popular all over the world.

To honour the denim story we have put an extra bit of love in our own Denim line. Meet our latest highly advanced development: Ultimate Stretch Denim. This is a full stretch, full movement jean. The high recovery factor of Ultimate Stretch Denim offers a long lasting perfect fit.

“It’s all about them details” – all jeans have been given a new, improved look. We carefully selected the finest materials to enrich our denim line. Curious?

About the Fit! The 710 Tight Fit is today’s jean. This super tight modern fit is skin-tight on the upper leg and calves yet is a bit more spacious around the knees, ankles and hips. The 711 Slim Fit is the typical timeless fit. The modern cut creates a stylish look, as the slimness is exactly right placed. The 712 Carrot Fit is our newest fit. This relaxed slim fit has tapered legs and a slightly lowered crotch.


Our philosophy is to create clothes that are functional as well as trendy, which is why alongside the perfect fit comfort is our main priority. Take our borg lined jacks for example, the fur hood offers optimal comfort and warmth – perfect for longs walks when the season is turning colder.

We loved to use peached fabric to create an ultra soft touch, and our products are consistent of stretch yarns in all kinds of styles for a divers yet long lasting fit. Not to forget the nylon jacks and jersey knitted blazers are made of the softest material for prime comfort.

Collection Fall/Winter 2018

The No Excess 2018 autumn/winter collection is focussed on pure colouring, refined artwork and superior stretch quality. For this seasons collection we were inspired by the styles of the Nineteen Seventies and translated the fit and details into a contemporary way. To top it off we fully restyled our line of denim and developed Ultimate Stretch Denim – a full stretch and full movement jean. The Carrot Fit is the newest to our Denim Line; this relaxed slim fit has tapered legs and a slightly lowered crotch.

The playful but ever classy styles of the Seventies reflect in light-knit collection items

such as the turtleneck, borg lined coloured jackets, authentic denim jackets, printed corduroy and large flannel check shirts. The palette of bottle green, brick red, purple and dark brown feels iconic for this period and creates a surprising fresh fashion trend.

No Excess Fall/Winter collection 2018 consists of three deliveries, each with their own range of colours. The first delivery is all about light qualities and primary items, the second delivery is characterised by indispensable coats, sweats and structured knits, and as the season changes our last delivery does too into a fine selection of wintery items.