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At the origin of the Olympics

The No Excess team travels to Athens – the capital city of Greece. And as we all have heart for the game, we are exactly where we need to be; at the origin of the Olympics.

Traces of sports surround us everywhere

As soon as we set foot on Greek ground, we know we’re on the right track. Traces of sports surround us everywhere. The visible mix of long ago and more present remains gives intensity to the sports history. We observe how the references of the Olympic Games of Ancient Greece go together with the remnants of the Olympics of 2004.

Abandoned sports fields

We cross abandoned sports fields, empty stadiums and decayed flags. The five-ringed symbol recurs from time to time. Listening to the fresh memories of the spirited Greek, we hear the stories of the first worldwide Olympic torchlight procession that was held in 2004. The route ran from ancient Olympia through all cities that organized the Summer Olympics in modern times, back to Greece.

The Olympics feels like Athens muse

Fun fact is that the modern Olympics started in Athens as well, in the year 1896. Sounds to us like a completion of the circle. The Olympics feels like Athens muse. After hearing all this, we think it’s a waste of all those sport arenas that are no longer in use, and somehow this energizes. Therefore, we decide to give these left places a new purpose: we spot the perfect locations and shoot our newest No Excess collection straight on the spot. As we stand there, it’s almost like we hear the supporters cheering.

Comfort at every moment


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